Jury Duty Information

General Juror Information

Jurors are selected from voter registrations and the Department of Motor Vehicles at random for each court term. Jury payment is set out of the Code of Virginia, Section 17.1-618, which sets the fee for jurors at $30 per day.

Ensuring Your Trial Is Still Going Forward
If you have been selected for jury duty and have been assigned specific dates for scheduled jury service, you must call the Jury Hotline after 6:00 pm the night before you are scheduled to assure the trial is still going forward. You will need to enter the code #5 when prompted to get to the correct message for jurors. It will then give you specific jury panel numbers that are still going forward for the next day or will tell you that all juries are off for that specific day. Before you call, have your panel number handy, which should be on the letter you get with your assigned dates.

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